Do you want to work with us?

Be part of our community

Land aan Zee exists because of the collaboration of many people who make this initiative possible. What would we be without our generous volunteers? 

Do you live in the area of Burgh Haamstede and would you like to make an active contribution as a volunteer? Let's get acquainted and explore the possibilities together!

Short or long stays with us are also possible

As a participant, you will come to live and work with us for a while. You live together with others according to the fixed daily rhythm and can participate in the basic program. You work minimally 5 hours a day . In return, you become part of our community and can participate in the daily activities and facilities at Land aan Zee. 

Besides the work, you will enjoy the beautiful surroundings and all the facilities of the center. You can contribute in many ways. Cooking, cleaning, household chores, yard work, sorting and managing garbage, doing administration, preparing rooms, and so on. You can also contribute with a yoga or meditation session, a massage or coaching, if you can present an appropriate certificate of training. You can also help us with marketing, social media, photography, etc.

  • If there are no retreats, you discuss with our team what needs to be done. If there is no work, you are free! 
  • An attitude of respect and integrity is very important to us. As a volunteer, you will act ethically and with respect for other guests. We expect you to thoroughly read and commit to the community guidelines .

How does it work practically?

  • You can register if you are considering this exciting experience for yourself and think you qualify. 
  • We will meet you for a conversation to get to know each other's expectations: what does Land aan Zee need and what do you need to make this a successful and rich experience?   
  • If there is a click, we can look at the agenda together to see when we have room for you and when there is enough work.  

Do you want to work with us?

Interested in working with us for a longer period of time?

Let us know why this is for you, and what you can contribute, and we will contact you soon. Who knows, you might soon be staying at one of the most special places in Zeeland!


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