Vision and Mission


Our world is out of balance on many levels. We can be down about it or become pessimistic, cynical, suspicious or desperate. Or we can continue to choose what is feasible and create an environment with some important and simple rules of living together that lead to the regeneration and better balance of people and planet. 


  1. Attention for yourself and for what you need to be the best version of yourself

  2. Attention and respect for each other via connection and community

  3. Attention to nature and the place we live in.


That is exactly what Land aan Zee wants to stand for. All activities and retreats that take place here are aimed at promoting and restoring inner balance and the balance between people, animals and planet. 

We respect the above rules, not only in terms of content, but also in being together during the retreats: we pay attention to ourselves, pay attention to other guests and keep the place beautiful and clean! 

It is our hope that people leave with a smile on their faces, with a sense of fulfillment because they have contributed to something beautiful. We hope that they feel inspired to in turn do what they can, with what they have and where they are to take loving care of themselves, others and our dear mother earth. 

"Rest is not a waste of time, it's an investment in your well-being."
"Relaxing is not a sign of laziness: it's a source of energy."
"Breaks are not distractions. They offer the opportunity to refocus your attention."
"Play is not a pointless activity. It's a path to connection and creativity."


We are there for everyone

Het leven is geen rechte lijn. Iedereen kan zich plotseling bevinden op een kruispunt waar de juiste afslag nemen geen evidentie is. Als jij op zo’n moment aanbeland bent, dan kun je bij Land aan Zee terecht.

We zijn er voor 

  • Iedereen die op adem wil komen, inspiratie wil opdoen, de innerlijke balans herstellen of iets onderzoeken in zichzelf of in relatie tot de ander en de hele natuur 
  • Iedereen die op één of andere manier wil bijdragen aan de missie van Land aan Zee
  • Specifieke en kwetsbare doelgroepen: zorgverleners, bruggenbouwers, mensen in rouw of met een verlieservaring, vrijwilligers die werken met kwetsbare groepen, jongeren die meer impact nastreven, langdurig zieke of herstellende mensen, ouderen op zoek naar meer zingeving, enz. 
  • Organisaties die duurzaamheid en zingeving willen onderzoeken in hun business
  • Opleiding- en trainingsinstituten op het gebied van dienend leiderschap, regeneratie en bewustwording 
  • We zijn neutraal op het vlak van levensovertuiging, religie, gender, geaardheid, etniciteit. We streven ernaar dat iedereen zich welkom voelt en respect toont voor anderen   

"We help you slow down, reflect and "de-stimulate" so you can get back to your core and look from a distance at how you are doing and what you want to do differently."


News about Land aan Zee

Barbara Doeleman-van Veldhoven, Founder and Director BFC Compassionate Care & Mindful Medicine, Partner/Friend of Land aan Zee. Life... What could be more beautiful, more painful, more sparkling...