Land aan Zee wants to give people what they really dream about

Self-care, caring for each other and caring for their surroundings

Over the last few months, we have received a ton of emails and responses. One phrase we often read is "this is a dream come true!", "you are realising my dream", "this is what I have been dreaming of for years". If people are allowed to dream about the world they want to live in, it is a place where there is time and human attention again. A place where performance pressure falls away and the opportunity to connect increases. A natural environment of stillness and slowing down.  A place of creativity, contribution and connection. Just being allowed to be and play without having to be 'fixed'.  

On the one hand, it is unfortunate that this need is so great that it seems to belong to a dream world. On the other hand, we are grateful that we can help realise what people really dream of with our modest initiative for a microcosm of peace and well-being. It makes us happy to be able to touch and enthuse so many people.  


Land aan Zee belongs to everyone

What began as the idea of a retreat centre quickly grew into something that has long since ceased to be our own project but the project of a growing groep of people that want to contribute to resilience and care for each other and the planet. They are now writing the story with us. The hundreds of responses we have already received are the best proof. Land aan Zee responds to a growing need.

In a world that is changing at breakneck speed, where we are constantly in a hurry, fragmented by the wealth of information coming at us, where young people are losing their way and their courage, older people are wasting away because they cannot navigate the digital landscape, refugees are losing everything and have to rebuild everything in a no man's land, a lot of people are looking for a moment and a place of rest. That is what Land aan Zee stands for. Our principles are simple: self-care, caring for each other and our environment. That deserves a word of explanation.  



Self-care is about reconnecting with yourself. With your body. With your own naturalness in nature. It's feeling again what lives inside you. Giving everything space again. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Feeling what stirs you, what drives you, what wants to limit you. Feel where it might hurt, need attention. Breathing back fully, moving your body, letting it dance, flow, play... Self-care is also about balance, health, good daily habits. This is what the Land aan Zee weeks will enable.a clear and balanced program, with good and virtuous habits. Giving back attention to your inner self and body.  


Caring for each other  

Those who take good care of themselves can also be better there for others. And being able to be there for the other gives the satisfaction we need to feel ourselves valuable and meaningful. It is circular and ecological. We cannot do without the other. We are meaningless if we cannot contribute to the whole. That many human interactions have degenerated into economic transactions sometimes takes away from their real value. We compensate human care and warmth with a payment.

And yes, the economic is of course a necessary reality. Still, at Land aan Zee, we seek an alternative. Everyone can offer something from their own being and talents. In this way, the line between who gets and who gives can blur. We can really give. Be truly grateful for what we get.    


Caring for our surroundings  

A beautiful place brings magic. Beautiful places invite beautiful events. And places become even more beautiful because beautiful things happen in them. A beautiful place is a place that gets attention. We take even better care of a place if we have given it attention ourselves. When we have made them even more beautiful. Those who spend a lot of time in nature develop a love for it.

We have lost some of that in recent decades. We sit indoors a lot, we drive cars to offices, we might still go for walks at weekends. But the real connection with and care for nature, with the land, the seasons, is not something our children grow up with. If there is no bond, then there can't be that much love either. At Land aan Zee, we rekindle that love. Caring for the place in a broad sense: not only the garden but also the spaces, our rooms get our attention during the 'karma yoga'. Paying attention and caring for our environment together every day.   


Dreams do come true

Anyone who recognises this dream can soon come and contribute and enjoy a beautiful place where we buy out time and attention for those essential things in life. Onze droom is dat de korte retreats een langdurig effect hebben and that everyone who comes to live and work here for a while also carries the peace and grounding of Land aan Zee into their own microcosm. Marco Borsato was, of course, completely wrong: most dreams are not deceptions.