Laden evenementen

Imagine yourself on a beautiful winter evening in Zeeland.
Comfortably installed on a warm heated floor, enjoying a bath full of sounds.

Lieve, Jan, Sjoerd and Christel are joining (musical) forces to create this immersive sound journey for you.

Give as much as you want – minimum €25.

The income of this event goes entirely to the Ayahuasca Defence Fund (ADF).


Saturday 27 of January at 7 pm

You can register here for the concert

If you like, you can extend your stay! Book the night at Land aan Zee with 30% discount! The next morning you can hang out, grab an early yoga session, join us at 10:30 am for a delicious brunch, go for a walk to the Oosterschelde and finish your stay at 2 pm with a concert from Jan de Cat, who will present his new album! Highly recommended!

Single room: 70 euro pp., double room 42 euro pp.
All  rooms have a private bathroom. Sheets and towels are included.

For the brunch you pay €15, so in total you pay 85 in a single room or 57 euro in a shared room. 

(incl. VAT, excl. tourist tax)