Yvonne Van Iersel: “I want to be a part of Land aan Zee”

Meet Yvonne. As a friend of Land aan Zee from the very beginning, she will organize several retreats. We had 3 questions for Yvonne and her answers are so beautiful that we would like to share them. You've been warned: her enthusiasm is contagious!  

What was your first thought about Land aan Zee?

I remember how my brain cracked when Liselotte told about her dream for the first time. What a great gift to society you are building here in Zeeland! Land aan Zee will be a place where personal and social development meet. Here it is possible  that even people who cannot afford it quickly can recharge and reset. In which there is a heart for social equality, sustainability and other ideals - and in which valuable initiatives are given space to grow and flourish. I envision it becoming a place for a refreshment of the heart, soul, body, dreams, ideals.

Why did you become a friend of Land aan Zee?

Can I reverse the question? How can you not be? At 63 I also want to give something back to society. In Land aan Zee I find the place to make a small contribution. And it is simply impossible not to warm to Liselotte's vision and dream. It is – understatement – quite contagious!  And not just for me; there is already a group of 60 trainers, coaches, therapists and other supervisors who want to contribute to the project on a voluntary basis!

What are you up to?

In the fall I will be giving recharge and resilience retreats to young people, and to volunteers who work with groups on the margins of society. And there are more wishes: could we perhaps support peace initiatives in a practical way? How can we support sustainability? We'll see, it's going to be an adventure! I'm already happy inside when shaping ideas and while admiring the construction, it's going to be great. And I look forward to the retreats. Together with the groups that we are going to invite, we will see what works, what is a real help. I look forward to everything: dancing together to end the day when we feel like it. Take a dip in the swimming pond. Walking on the beach and good conversation. Laughing and learning together. Bring it on! 

Do you want to know more about Yvonne? https://stresslooswerken.nl/

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