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Land aan Zee is an independent foundation located in Zeeland. The new non-profit retreat center in Burgh Haamstede is an initiative of Liselotte Baeijaert and Michiel Deturck.

You will find this beautiful place in the rural outskirts of Burgh Haamstede, near the vast beaches of Zeeland. We offer you the possibility to slow down, deepen and still: a re-source moment, away from the many stimuli. Thanks to the connection with yourself, others and the environment, you get new inspiration for life.

We are a non-profit organization promoting a warm, resilient and healthy society. We do this by organizing our own retreats where people live, learn and relax together. And we also rent our place to those who want to organize their own activity that fits within the mission of Land aan Zee.

The income is invested back into the foundation to generate as much impact as possible and to give as many people as possible the chance to stay at Land aan Zee.


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Land aan Zee


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Are you curious about how our project can deliver meaning for you?
Or how you can make an impact for us?

We are always looking for the right people to make this project a success.

Together, we are building something special here. To do this, we would like to meet neighbours, like-minded people, guests, potential partners, coaches, suppliers, volunteers, employees, apprentices and many more people.


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Barbara Doeleman-van Veldhoven, Founder and Director BFC Compassionate Care & Mindful Medicine, Partner/Friend of Land aan Zee. Life... What could be more beautiful, more painful, more sparkling...