Community Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

Good agreements make good friends

1. Community Guidelines

For a pleasant stay at Land aan Zee, we think it is important that the agreements are clear. Many things will be self-evident or already known, but go through them anyway. If you have any questions, please send an email to 


Everyone who is a guest at Land aan Zee is part of the community. Care for yourself, others and the environment are central to Land aan Zee's mission. To create a pleasant environment where everyone feels safe, we therefore set 'Community Guidelines' which we expect you to respect during the entire period of your stay.



Being part of a community like Land aan Zee is only possible on the basis of mutual trust. You act ethically and with respect for other guests and visitors at Land aan Zee. No form of harassment, exclusion, (verbal, physical or emotional) violence and unwanted sexual harassment will be tolerated. As a member of this community, you are committed to helping ensure your personal well-being and that of all other guests, as well as showing respect for the place.


       Meals and food restrictions

At Land aan Zee we want to raise awareness about the fragility of our planet and our ecosystem and we only offer vegan and a minimum of vegetarian products. Special dietary requirements (gluten-free, lactose-free…) are happy to inform the cook before arrival. We do our very best, but please don't expect the impossible. We do not charge extra for your wishes.


       Help during the meals

We expect everyone to help for a short time every day with household activities such as cleaning up, helping in the kitchen and washing up. In this way we ensure a pleasant environment together. In consultation with the administrators, the work and working hours are divided, taking into account everyone's possibilities as much as possible. 


       Sharing is Caring voor Land aan Zee retreats

The participants of a Land aan Zee retreat will also be invited to contribute for a short time every day to maintaining and beautifying our beautiful place. This mindfulness exercise (or 'sharing is caring') is a symbolic exercise in respect for each other, our environment and for nature. It is also a time to clear your mind and practice mindfulness.  



You are welcome to participate in the activities of Land aan Zee. For everyone's safety, however, we require that you are of age (+18) and are able to take full responsibility for yourself and your health for the period you stay at Land aan Zee. What Land aan Zee offers will hopefully be of use to you, but is no substitute for any professional, medical or psychological treatment. We don't have the capabilities to handle this.


       No consumption of alcohol

We do not have an alcohol license and also ask that you do not consume alcohol during your stay. All (non-alcoholic) drinks that are for sale will be settled upon departure. The use of drugs is not allowed at Land aan Zee. All our areas are non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed outside, in the designated areas on the domain.


       Recycling and energy consumption

We ask you to treat the scarce resources of our planet with care. Therefore, respect the guidelines regarding waste disposal and use water and electricity as efficiently as possible.


       Waste water and IBA system

We are not connected to the sewage system here and all waste water is filtered by an IBA with natural bacteria. It is very important not to use toxic substances and only ecological and biodegradable substances and cosmetics! Also avoid at all times flushing tampons or pads or anything that doesn't belong in the toilet or we've got a big problem here. 


       Digital detox

We would like to invite you to do a digital detox during your stay at Land aan Zee. We ask that you minimize the use of screens (laptop, tablet, telephone) and limit them to your room. We like to keep the common areas cell phone free. There is wifi in the center.  



We ask you to disturb the others as little as possible with noise and music and to respect the silence where and when requested.


       No camping and no pets

It is not allowed to camp on the domain.
Pets are not allowed.


       No shoes

We don't wear shoes inside. In this way we promote homeliness and hygiene in the building. Bring your own slippers or slippers to walk around the center and in your room. Garden clogs are provided in the closet for those who want to quickly go into the garden or for those who want to go swimming in the swimming pond.


       Use of the sauna

Land aan Zee has a sauna. Bring your own bathrobe and towels if you want to use the sauna. That saves us a lot of laundry. The towels in your room are not intended for sauna use. Towels and bathrobes are available for rent.


       In case of non-compliance

If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you do not respect the above guidelines or that you are abusing medication, drugs or alcohol during the period of your stay, we will ask you to leave Land aan Zee immediately. In that case, there will be no refund for the remaining days of your stay.

2. Terms and conditions: Land aan Zee retreats

Reservation and payment


       You can register for Land aan Zee retreats via the website, up to 2 weeks before the start date

       Registration is final after receipt of a confirmation email and invoice and when Land aan Zee has received the payment . (If possible at the latest 2 weeks before the start date)

       Payments for participation are made through the website's online booking system.

       Payment of additional drinks consumed, purchases or optional services is done on the spot, upon departure.




       Land aan Zee reserves the right to change a program or to cancel it in the event of insufficient registrations. If canceled by Land aan Zee, you will receive a full refund.

       If Land aan Zee is forced to cancel due to unforeseen external circumstances, such as a pandemic, natural disaster or other force majeure, a refund of 50% will follow. 

       In case of cancellation, the following conditions apply:


Up to one month before the start date: free of charge

       1 month – 2 weeks before start date: 50% refund

       < 2 weeks: no refund

       If you do not show up on the start date or have to leave early: no refund

       Cancellation is only possible by e-mail.  

3. General conditions: Rent

Quotations and options


1.  Quotations are valid for 1 month after date of receipt.


2.  Options can be placed for a certain time, without cancellation costs, depending on the chosen start date:


       Start date in 6 to 12 months: option valid for max. 4 weeks

       Start date in 4 to 6 months: option valid for max. 2 weeks

       Start date in 1 to 14 months: option valid for max. 1 weeks

       Start date is in 4 weeks: we only take reservations, options are no longer possible


3.  If Land aan Zee receives another request for the requested data during the period that the option is running, we will contact you. In that case, we ask you to decide within 24 hours whether you want to convert the option into a reservation. If we do not receive a response within 24 hours, Land aan Zee reserves the right to rent out the optional dates to other interested parties. If we do not receive a reservation request within the specified period, your option will automatically expire and Land aan Zee reserves the right to rent out the space to other interested parties.



Reservation and payment


1.  The reservation is final after confirmation of the offer by the tenant by e-mail and receipt of the advance payment. From that moment on, the payment obligations and cancellation conditions apply.


2.  The reservation is valid for the stated number of people. Up to 5 days before the start date, the number of persons can (only) be adjusted upwards, provided that there are still rooms available.


3.  Deposit:

       Non-exclusive rental: 20% of total sum

       Exclusieve verhuur: 50% van totaalsom


4.  Balance

       Non-exclusive rental: balance (80% of the total sum) to be paid 1 month before the start date, based on the number of people as specified at the time of booking. The settlement (cleaning, extra drinks, sauna,) follows afterwards

       Exclusive rental: balance (50% of total sum) to be paid, 4 months before start date. Settlement (cleaning, extra drinks, sauna) follows afterwards.


5.  In principle, there is only oneinvoice per reservation. If you want to do this differently, you will have to pay an administrative fee of 10 per invoice  





1.     Non-exclusive rental

       Up to 2 months before start date: 100

       2 months 6 weeks before start date: 20% to be paid

       6 weeks 1 month before start date: 50% to be paid

       Less than 1 month before start date: 100% to be paid


2.     Exclusive rental:

       Up to 4 months before start date: 100

       4 – 3 months: 50% to be paid

       Minder dan 3 maanden voor startdatum: 100% te betalen


3.     Cancellation is only possible by e-mail.


4. If Land aan Zee has to cancel a reservation for good reasons and very exceptionally, we will notify the tenant as soon as possible by e-mail and the amount already paid will be immediately and fully refunded. If Land aan Zee is forced to cancel due to unforeseen external circumstances, such as a pandemic, natural disaster or other force majeure, restitution of 50%. In both cases there is no basis for compensation.



Leaving rented spaces


1.     We strongly ask that you leave all areas clean and tidy upon your departure. If the rooms are not left according to the house rules, we will charge the extra cleaning costs (100).


2.     If defects are found in the rented space(s) after your departure

that have arisen during the period that you rented the space, we will charge the relevant damage and/or repair costs. 





The Land aan Zee Foundation is not liable for theft, loss or damage of or to property or persons, of any nature whatsoever, during or as a result of a stay at Land aan Zee. The stay is at your own risk.