A throwback at Kunstschouw 2023 at Land aan Zee

How cool to be able to say “here at Land aan Zee”. e. We are not yet officially open, but we really exist now! We have received hundreds of visitors in the Oude Schuur, in the center and in the garden. The art of the 10 artists who exhibited with us was a golden match with the atmosphere of Land aan Zee. Let me take you back to those sun-drenched days in June…

Every morning we start the day with artists and core team to hear how everyone is doing. Nice to see how we form a community together in 10 days. We already live according to the philosophy of our centre: living and working in harmony with each other. Everyone exhibits in a place that seems intended for him or her. On the last day, one of the artists sighs; “How I will miss this place and atmosphere.” 

Visitors are very enthusiastic about the daily guided tours by Liselotte and Michiel.  

People are amazed: "How beautiful it is here, how this has been built with love".  

It is an excellent opportunity to show Land aan Zee to the people of Schouwen during the Kunstschouw. Many have passed here in recent years and are curious about the result of the construction work. Stories from then and now are shared while enjoying coffee or a glass of water in the restaurant. And everyone always looks upwards, at the impressive wooden roof construction of the new barn.  

 Beautiful music was present through the center on two days. Musicians of the Zeeland orchestra give special concerts during the day. The acoustics of the restaurant are also wonderful, the chairs cannot be dragged and the audience enjoys it to the fullest. 

Until 2017, this location was known as Monplaisir during the Kunstschouw. With Land aan Zee, the Kunstschouw has gained a full-fledged exhibition space! 

Now, mid-July, while the construction work continues steadily, I walk through the center and see some works of art hanging here and there. Unnoticed I slow down and it brings me to my feeling. The power of art is that it touches you. I think back to the Kunstschouw and again hear the moved carpenter (now retired): “To be honest,, I think these mortise and tenon joints of the roof construction are the most beautiful art in the entire Kunstschouw!”