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Land aan Zee

Land aan Zee is an initiative of Liselotte Baeijaert and Michiel Deturck. They founded the non-profit organization and created a wonderful place to make beautiful things happen to promote a warm, resilient and healthy society. Although the place is a slice of paradise, everything at Land aan Zee is first and foremost about people.

In fact, none of this beauty would be possible without an amazing team of inspired people who want to build a warm and resilient society.


Residential team member

Liselotte and her husband Michiel are the driving force behind Land aan Zee. Together they make a dream come true and they want to create a beautiful place where people come together with the intention of restoring balance in their personal lives, in wider society and in their relationship with nature. 



Residential team member

After working for 10 years at a retreat center in the middle of the Netherlands, Karen has recently been working as an office manager/personal manager at organizations that deal with awareness and personal development. In combination with her background as a body-oriented coach and holistic massage therapist, her expertise and personal passion come together at Land aan Zee.

“I believe we are on earth for a reason. That we come from somewhere and may continue to learn, experience and grow in this life. Together with the people we encounter on our life path. What moves me is to understand this in all its depth.”


Residential team member

Kristien (Kiki) previously worked as a remedial educationalist in various sectors and as a manager in a childcare centre and the Borgerhout library.
There she developed a love for people in all their facets. She loves a lively life, dancing, fun and above all, action! 
As a chef at a training centre in Orval, she enjoyed macrobiotic and healthy cooking for guests. She brings these qualities with her to Land aan Zee: providing a healthy and tasty meal and making people feel welcome and at ease. She actively ensures everything runs smoothly.


Residential team member

Suzanne's path ran through visual design to creative attention in her own natural cuisine: tongue-tingling, flavourful and satisfying. 

Coupling her passion for food with spiritual development, she came home to herself. 

As a mindfulness trainer and natural food consultant, Suzanne guides people towards a relaxed and healthy relationship with food and nutrition. Suzanne can often be found in the kitchen of various retreat centres at home and abroad, and she is now a permanent chef at Land aan Zee together with Kiki. 

"I like knowing that the way I prepare and present food fits with places where inner work and personal development are central. Inner work is allowed to be well nourished. Land aan Zee is such a place."


Residential team member

John has two right hands and how useful they are in caring for the entire complex so that residents and guests are completely unburdened!

In addition, he brings a wealth of experience as a yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer and coach, where he enjoys working with Joyce to shape the House Retreats and the Basic Programme of Theme Retreats at Land aan Zee. 

John is also our chef Suzanne's permanent sous chef.

"I think it is important to be a servant in life with caring attention. With that, I want to create a bed in which we can connect in safety and with mutual understanding and respect."


Residential team member

The daughter of an Indonesian father and Zeeland mother, Joyce travelled through life and across the world. Sometimes dancing, sometimes through the mud, but always passionately in touch with people, movement and nature. For the past decade, Joyce has been shaping her practice in Friesland as a mindfulness and compassion trainer, and yoga and dance teacher.

Joyce helps shape the House Retreats and the Basic Programme of the Theme Retreats. She is also a hostess, helping hand, creative, servant and facilitator.

'It is my desire and passion to pass on the power and potential of mindful and heartful living. Self-care, caring for each other, caring for the environment. Connecting, growing and flourishing from a warm bedding. Coming home. Where better to do this than at 'Land aan Zee'?'


Team member

Even before the opening, Marloes was already helping with social media. She has a background in marketing, styling & coaching and you can regularly find her leaving Rotterdam behind for a few days in Zeeland. 

Marloes has been coming to the island since she was five and is in love with Zeeland. She loves being on an adventure in the woods and dunes of Schouwen-Duiveland or at sea with a surfboard or sup... 

"I have always dreamed of a place by the sea where people can be themselves and live, move and develop together in a community in connection. Land aan Zee is such a place and being able to contribute to that as a team member feels very fulfilling and rewarding" 


Team member

Mieke was excited from the first moment Liselotte told her about Land aan Zee's mission. Since its opening, she has enjoyed working as a volunteer. Every week, she drives to the Meeldijk with fresh flowers.

Besides taking care of the flowers and plants, Mieke jumps in where extra hands are needed. She also gives energetic body treatments to women in need of peace, relaxation and stillness.

"My desire is to make guests feel seen and heard. Together with the enthusiastic team at Land aan Zee, caring for a nice living environment is what I love to do!"


Friends of Land aan Zee

At Land by Sea, an entire community is working to make every week a success.

From local volunteers to international coaches and resident employees, they are all passionately committed to our guests and they always leave a part of their soul behind in Zeeland. Friends for life! 

Together, we are building something special here. To do this, we would like to meet neighbours, like-minded people, guests, potential partners, coaches, suppliers, volunteers, employees, apprentices and many more people.


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Are you curious about how our project can deliver meaning for you?
Or how you can make an impact for us?

We are always looking for the right people to make this project a success.

Together, we are building something special here. To do this, we would like to meet neighbours, like-minded people, guests, potential partners, coaches, suppliers, volunteers, employees, apprentices and many more people.


News about Land aan Zee

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