Guest Programs

Programs organized by our partners

You can go to Land aan Zee all year round for a House Retreat or you can reserve a place at a Theme Retreat. In addition, friendly organizations also organize retreats and events at our beautiful place in Zeeland. We choose these partners carefully so that the offer fits our mission. You can also find these retreats in the online agenda under 'Guest programs'. 

Different to a Land aan Zee retreat

A guest program is not organised by the core team of Land aan Zee and its content will vary.

What is certain is the beautiful place where you can come to yourself. Whether in the studio, the meditation room, the library, the landscape garden or in the sauna, you will be able to fully enjoy the program and the unique place that is Land aan Zee. 

Obtaining information about the guest programme is through the organising organisation. 

Have fun! 


Want to organize your own event?

Would you like to organise your programme or retreat and do not yet have a suitable location? Then too, we can help.

Our beautiful venue is available for rent for your own programme that fits our mission. We like to carefully choose a limited number of partners with whom we aim for sustainable cooperation and cross-fertilization.


News about Land aan Zee

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